PTZ Camera stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

How PTZ Works


The camera can turn around in both directions, most cameras can do a full 360 degrees movement.


The camera can move in the up and down direction, most cameras can do a full 180 degrees movement.


An optical zoom allows us to close on objects and identify vehicles or persons.

The PTZ camera can be remotely manually controlled with a joystick or moved in pre-programmed patterns (patrol that consists of presets).
In addition, the camera can be triggered by alarms, motion, and other inputs and move to pre-programmed positions. Some of the cameras can follow the moving object/person.


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Quite useful course but I'm not used to the Irish accent, in general I'm happy.

Comprehensive course, covers what really matters, maybe could have some more live examples from other camera makes.



Excellent, just what I was looking for, finally starting to understand something.

This is a very good course for a newbie, making a lot of notes.